The 5 Major Changes Most Men in their 50’s Experience

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“When I was your age, I could throw a football with ease. When I was your age, I was turning heads when I walked down the street.”

Many of us at one point in our life will tell the younger generation of our glory days. If you happen to be at this point in your life right now, do not be ashamed or worried. This is the natural process our body takes and you shouldn’t be surprised by the changes you’re experiencing in your life right now.

This article discusses the 5 major changes most men in their 50’s experience.

1.  Decline in Testosterone

The major change that men in their 50s experience is the decline in testosterone. You may notice that you are slowly losing muscle mass or your energy levels have depleted.

This is caused by a reduced production of testosterone by the body. This is called Andropause. According to Keep Me Prime, “Andropause involves a reduction in testosterone, androgen deficiency, and hypogonadism. Testosterone is a hormone involved in libido, mental and physical energy, muscle mass maintenance, and regulation of the fight-or-flight response.”

Regular exercise can help increase testosterone levels in the body. Ensure that your workouts a light on the joints but high in intensity.

2.  Diminished Eyesight

The thought of losing your eyesight can be very daunting. This is also a common issue for men in their 50s. Some men in their 50s forced to wear spectacles if they wants to read a book. This is very frustrating and sad at the same time because we never needed a frame with a lens to help us see things.

Unfortunately this isn’t something that can be avoided. Be sure to get a prescribed spectacle from an ophthalmologist.

3.  Loss or Greying of Hair

Loss or greying of hair is also something that men in their 50s experience. It’s disheartening when you notice small strands of hair fall in the bathroom sink when you’re combing it or when you start to notice grey strands of hair.

There are cells called Melanocytes in your hair follicles that produces melanin that gives your hair its colour. As you get older your body stops the production of those cells which in turn results in grey hair.

4.  Wrinkles

The most noticeable part of your body as a 50 year old man would be the wrinkles on your face. Of course, there a factors such as:

  • Smoking
  • Skin tans

Those factors also determine how harsh the wrinkles appear.

5.  Decline in Immunity

As your body ages, so does your health. You will become more prone to catch common diseases if you are not careful.

Your diet will play a crucial part in controlling how vulnerable you are to catching those common diseases.

Will This Really Happen?

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To answer that, yes it all will happen. There is no way to slow the aging process and you will definitely expect to experience all of those.

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